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Our blog is full of interesting posts, guides, tips, and much more for both beginners and professionals in gardening. You can find lots of useful stuff for you here, but if you see the blog lacks some info on the plants or principles of gardening, you can help it. We are glad to offer you an opportunity to submit your own post to our blog and make a huge contribution to its development. We are always open for new post suggestions and commentaries on the existing posts, but you will help us the most by offering a completely new post written on a relevant topic.

As any blog striving to post high-quality content, we have certain requirements for the guest posts:

  • Your article needs to be unique and written from your own experience. We don’t need materials copied from other websites, we need non-plagiarized content to improve our blog.
  • The article has to be on a relevant topic, as even if your text is easy to read and the topic is important, if it doesn’t touch gardening, there’s no point in posting it. You can even discuss the topic with us before writing and submitting a post to avoid inconveniences.
  • The text has to be written without major mistakes, as we also aim at the quality of the writing, not only the contents. Proofread the article before submitting, check it through special websites if you aren’t confident in your knowledge, and then send it to us.
  • There should be no advertisement or keyword spamming within the post. Our team checks every text sent to us, and any post can be rejected if we find it violating any of our rules.
  • The post should be at least 500 words long, and the topic has to be opened at full extent, for both beginners and professionals to understand it. You can discuss the length of the post with us before writing to be sure the word count is appropriate.

If you consider your topic meeting all the requirements above, contact us to discuss all the details. If you have a ready text, check whether it’s appropriate and submit it for our moderators to read. It will be posted on the blog if everything is intact, and you will be notified about it. In case our moderators find the post inappropriate, you will be contacted right away to continue working on it.

We will be waiting for your unique well-written posts to improve our gardening blog!