Top 7 Easiest Garden Recycling Tips

Most of people who do gardening and take it seriously know a thing or two about hoarding, and you can see how many different things tend to be all over the place, saved “for later, if ever needed”. This “ever” never really comes, but the stuff usually never makes it to the garbage. What if all of that can still be used for the good: to improve your indoor garden or outdoor garden and help your savings, and also to help the nature and to recycle? Let’s look at 7 simplest ways to organize your garden recycling without paying a lot.

How to Recycle in Your Garden Efficiently

  1. Save cardboard.
    There are different types of cardboard that could serve you for different purposes, like egg carton containers are really good for chitting seeds, especially potato seeds. But even regular usual cardboard can be reused in your garden. It could be used to smoother weed when shredded, but also a great thing for composting and insulating.
  2. Mark your plants.
    Yes, there are good plant markers in the local store, but that seems boring and why spend more if you could make good use of all that junk in your house? Silverware that is not used anymore, chopsticks, yogurt containers, lollipop sticks – all that could be used for marking your plants and be eco-friendly, low-cost and make your garden look hip.
  3. Make use of CD’s.
    Those are good for scaring annoying birds that tend to like your tomatoes. Put those on the perimeter of the garden, so they glint in the sun.
  4. Don’t pop the bubbles.
    You know what the bubble wrap is good for? No, not just anti-stress thing, but it’s an awesome insulator for your greenhouse in the winter!
  5. Don’t throw away plastic milk containers.
    If you cut them the right way – you’ll get a perfect soil tool. The plastic bottle from detergent would be nice for that one too. You could make a watering can out of them.
  6. Do you have some old carpets?
    Then they are good to put on a deck when it’s frosty so you stay on your two feet. Or put in over the compost heaps, if you worry about the heat. Amazing weed suppressant too, by the way.
  7. Make use of coffee grounds.

Coffee is good not just for human beings, but for the nature too. Next time you finish your daily pot of java or any other kind, for that matter – why not make use of the coffee grounds? It helps the plants to grow better and healthier.

Benefits of Garden Recycling

There are many things that motivate people to recycle and the global warming or any other nature crisis should be enough to do that. Protecting the environment and the Earth is a good goal on its own. But the list of the tips above also could help you to get rid of all those things that are stacked in your house and don’t get used and make your garden look good and interesting, bring some changes into that. It won’t cost you anything and you’re killing two birds with one stone. Be eco-friendly, stay green and make gardening more than just soil and plants.

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