Top 8 Tips and Projects for Spring Gardening

Gardening is always an interesting and exciting thing to do. It can be really relaxing, you feel close and connected to nature. Early spring is probably the exact time when the winter work is over and all the gardening work suddenly activates and you have to do much more than before and be your own professional manager. But what exactly is to be done and how not to get lost in the ocean of tasks and errands?

Your Spring Garden Guide

  1. Take care of fruit trees.
    If you have any apple, peach, cherry or pear trees in your garden a great idea would be to start your spring season with thinning them. Those trees like that and it makes it so much easier for you to harvest them later.
  2. Clean out the garden.
    That’s really important. After winter we have lots of mess in the garden, plenty of debris, annoying weeds with roots that are hard to get rid of. So it’s just the right time to dig your planting tools from the cellar, sharpen them if needed and get to work. Nothing can really be done before you start cleaning up the garden.
  3. Clean the greenhouse.
    Don’t forget about this one too. The greenhouse needs to be clean, ventilated, all the pots and other items need to be washed and dry and ready to go. It would be a good idea to use some kind of garden disinfectant and wash the greenhouse thoroughly inside to make sure no pests and disease survives to damage your seeds and plants.
  4. Don’t forget about the compost.
    You’ll have to prepare the compost area since it will be needed soon. Or maybe you have one, but check the fencing and make sure it’s all done and is in good condition.
  5. Trim the plants.
    Take care of your older plants before you start planting new ones. Many of them need to be pruned but make sure it’s not going to get cold again, so check the temperature. Summer plants are usually trimmed in the early spring, while the blooming plants are only trimmed after they bloom, so don’t miss anything.
  6. Help your soil.
    It’s tired after a long winter season, so make sure you revitalize it and use organic materials for that one.
  7. Old and new mulch.
    If you put some mulch for the winter, don’t forget to clean it and if needed – put some new one.
  8. Start planting.
    When you are all done and ready – take you seeds and get to planting. This is probably one of the most exciting moments of gardening. Make sure you plant some perennials since those are a better investment.

What’s Your Next Task?

Gardening is never over, to say the truth. Once you are done with early spring cleaning and planting, it’s time to think of new flowerbeds, maybe plant some more annuals, remove bulbs, etc.

Don’t be lazy and prepare yourself for the upcoming season. Right now, while it’s still not the time for cleaning up, you could consider ordering some seeds for future planting. Choosing some summer-flowing bulbs would be a good thing to do on a cold windy winter day, that would also help you to tune yourself into garden work and motivate you.

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