What You Need To Garden Indoors

The things you need for gardening indoors are exactly the same as the things you need when you grow plants outdoors. That is because the plants are the same and they have the same needs. This should be obvious.

And what do plants need to grow?

Plants growing in indoor garden

They need energy. And they get that energy from water and from light and from nutrients. This means that the two most important things plants need to grow well is a good supply of water and a good supply of light. They also need other things, but let’s talk about these two first and the things you’ll need to provide your plants with the proper light and nutrition.


Outdoors plants get much of their water from the rain and from the groundwater, but this is often not enough. That is why many people will install sprinkler systems. They provide additional water to the plants for times when they are not getting enough.

When you grow indoors you no longer get any water from nature, so you have to supply all of it. You could use sprinkler systems indoors, but that doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

For that reason most people will water the plants manually, or they will use an automatic drip system, or they will grow hydroponically. Those are the most common ways to get water to your plants when you are growing indoors. Obviously hydroponic growing has been linked to the cannabis industry, but it is also the method used for many fruits and vegetables.


Outdoors plants get their light from the sun. If you are in an area where there is not a lot of sunlight, plants simply don’t grow very well. When you grow indoors, you control the light they get.

This means you can make sure that your plans always get sufficient light. The way to supply that light is through grow lights. LED grow lights are probably the most popular these days, but in the past HPS and MH grow lights were used extensively as well. Fluorescent lights are also fairly common, but they are only good for small gardens. This and they don’t have the power to grow a large amount of plants.


Indoor plants in pots by windowsillI will list soil as a requirement for plans, but it does not need to be soil. As mentioned above, they can grow hydroponically or in some other grow medium. That medium does not need to be soil.

The most important thing are the nutrients in the soil or in the grow medium. When plants grow outdoors, the soil gets nutrients from nature. Indoors, you need to supply them. Generally this is done by adding nutrients to the water which is then used to water the soil.

If you’re growing hydroponically, the water that circulates has nutrients added to it. In other words, soil is used as a medium to provide nutrients to the roots of the plants.


Pots exist to hold the soil for the plants. You don’t need pots if you have some other container, but you need to put the soil in something, so that the plants can stay in the soil.


When you are growing indoors, the air could become too rich in oxygen and not have enough carbon dioxide for your plants. For that reason, you need to make sure to ventilate the grow space.

You also need to regulate the temperature. Plants need a certain temperature range within which they grow well. It gets too hot or too cold, the plants will suffer and eventually die. For this reason it is important to control the temperature and give them the temperature they need.

The same goes for humidity. Plants also need a certain humidity, which differs from one plant to another. Make sure you are giving your plans to exact immunity they need, in order to ensure optimal growth.


Those are the basic requirements for growing indoors. If you have your own indoor garden, make sure you supply these things to your plants at the very least. If you do that, your garden should be a success.

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